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Types of Services Available

           These are examples of delivered services;
Services are CUSTOM MADE for each individual or group
Services For Students:
Foundational Play
  • For ages 4-6, individual or group
  • 55 minute sessions, 2x week (or more)
  • Foundation for pre-academic readiness 
  • Directed play for best outcomes
  • Activities for developmental milestones
  • Increase processing speed and memory capacity
  • Use this website to assess your child's readiness to begin kindergarten:
Smart Play
  • Individual sessions for ages 7 and older
  • 55 minute sessions, 2x week (or more)
  • Specific academic outcomes targeted, for example:
        phonological awareness
        language activities
        reading comprehension
        vocabulary enrichment
        math concepts reviewed
  • Academic activities enmeshed in physical activities
ADD/ADHD Coaching
  • Individual sessions focus on the following skills:
        Academic and Personal Goals
        Organization System
        Time Management
        Homework System
        Study Habits
        Active Reading Skills
        Habits of Mind
        Test Taking Skills
Math Instruction
  • Individual sessions for ages 5 and older
  • Small group may be available
  • 55 minute sessions, 2-3x week 
  • Using Making Math Real® techiniques
  • Watch the videos of Sandi presenting  examples of "Battles and Teamwork" (adding integers) in a 6th grade class:
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Adding Integers Concrete Level
From Making Math Real Curriculum Sandi presents an example of Battles and Teamwork (adding integers) at the concrete level
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Adding Integers Abstract Level
Using Making Math Real techniques, Sandi presents abstract examples of adding integers (Battles and Teamwork)
Watch the process of teaching the
meaning of "ten":
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Making Math Real : The Transformation to 10
Making Math Real video on teaching children concept of "ten"
Services For Parents:
I.E.P Support:
Behavior Support:
Transitional Support:
Parent Training:
Services For Schools and Organizations:
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Brain Dominance Profiles: How They Impact a Child's Ability to Learn
  • Top 5 Brain/Body Connections for the  Classroom
  • Right Brain Learners in the Classroom
  • Prescriptive Teaching for All Types of Processing Styles
  • Activities to Keep Students Active During STAR Testing
  • A.D.D./A.D.H.D., the New Sensory
          Processing Disorder?
  • Gender Differences in the Classroom
  • Setting Up Level Systems for Classrooms of Behaviorally Disordered
  • Visual Processing's Impact on Reading and Classroom Performance
  • Training for Instructional Assistants
Behavior Management Support
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