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Helpful Web Sites:
Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation
     excellent site for research and articles on sensory processing disorder and updates on
     SPD's DSM V status
Sensory Processing Disorder
     site maintained by an occupational therapist, great ideas for everyday use
Soft Clothing for All Children
     first line of inclusive clothing designed with the needs of all children in mind, including
     those with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, and tactile
     defensiveness/sensitivity. They use flat seaming and seamless construction for extra
     comfort, 100% of the softest  combed cotton and their specially developed Soft Sensory 
     Blends , wide collars, encased elastic waistbands, printed labels (tagless), custom fits, 
     and much more.
Attention Deficit  Hyperacticty Disorder
     An Internet Community Resource Provided by The NewIdeas.Net Family of ADD ADHD
     Information Web Sites
Wright's Law
     excellent site for accurate, reliable information about special education law,
    education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities ran by attorneys 
National Center for Learning Disabilities
     Mission:  The National Center for Learning Disabilities works to ensure that the nation's 15
     million children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities have every opportunity to
     succeed in school, work and life. 
Going to College: Resource for Teens With Disabilities
      1)  Learn how to use your strengths, learning style and interests to set goals for college.
      2)  What to expect in college and what professors will expect from you. Tips for good
           grades, accommodations and using technology
      3)  Learn what you can do now to prepare for and apply to college.
     Free educational kids computer games and activities for elementary students
LessonPix Custom Learning Materials
     Minimum fee for an amazing website that helps you create a variety of learning activities
     for your classroom!
    Watch an introduction video to decide if it's right for you!
Eye Can Learn 
     Eye Exercises for Better Visual Health:
     Improve Your Visual Information Processing Skills:  Visual Perception, Eye Tracking,
     Focusing and Eye Teaming
Vision & Reading
This article by an eye doctor discusses children's problems with reading, learning, and behavior caused by convergence insufficiency, eye tracking problems, esophoria, exophoria, and other visual problems. Website contains other helpful information for parents!
Optometrists Network:
Search for an optometrist in your area that can provide vision therapy to you or your child.
Website also has a quick survey to evaluate if your child's vision is negatively impacting
school performance.
School Psychologist Files
     Full of special education resources for parents, educators, and psychologists
Granite Bay Speech
     Nancy Barcal has been providing excellent speech and language services since 1981.
Visual-Spatial Learner
     Description of Visual-Spatial Learner from website: "Creative, curious, out-of-the-box
     thinkers, VSLs learn by intuitive leaps.  They remember what they see and forget what they
     hear.  They may forget details but remember the BIG PICTURE forever."
Learning Strategies (Center for Research on Learning, U of Kansas):
      Excellent source for cognitive strategies for learning disabled students
Diagramly:  Draw Diagrams On-Line
     Free cloud-based visualization application, ready to use for organizing for writing,
     researching, organization, etc.  Similar to Inspirations Software.
Cybray Man's Educational Websites:  Graphic Organizers
     Awesome collection of graphic organizers.  Good for teachers, parents, and students. 
     Great Site!
School Sparks
     Description and assessment of 8 developmental areas your child should have before entering
Autism Training Videos on Facebook:
     A website launched for parents who work from home because of a special needs child.
Sheppards Software
     A website loaded with academic games for all ages.  Includes reading, math, language
     arts, logic, memory , and SAT vocab.
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
     Free trial - Pre K-12, number and operations through geometry
Information and Research Articles:
The Real Reasons Some Kids Can't Learn by The HANDLE Institute
Booklet provides a general explanation of neurodevelopmental systems...gives background
information on understanding why some children aren't learning
Neuroscience and Education: Issues and Opportunities
Signs and Symptoms of Sensory Processing Disorder: Checklist
Signs of SPD.pdf (PDF — 236 KB)
Therapeutic Listening

Why So Many Kids Have Developmental Delays and What Can We Do About It
SIFocus Spring 2012

Developmental Activities to Do at Home for Premature Babies

Occupational Therapy - Sensory Integration
Complete Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder by Dawn Villarreal,
One Place for Special Needs
Sensory processing disorder is a stand alone disability as well as being prevalent in many other diagnoses including autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, Down syndrome, learning disability, nonverbal learning disability and Tourette syndrome. In addition to senses being under and over-stimulated, sensory processing disorder can adversely affect attention, learning and daily living. In this guide we've collected resources to help you understand this disorder, recognize different sensory issues and behaviors and engage in many fun sensory integration activities.
Sensory Processing Disorder on 20-20 with Dr. Lucy Jane Miller
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SPD on 20-20 Part 1
Sensory Processing Disorder story on 20-20 featuring Dr. Lucy Miller. Part 1 of 2. For more info on SPD, go to:
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SPD on 20-20 Part 2
Learning Through Play
Vision Therapy Center, Inc.
The information in this guide was created for teachers and parents. It provides background information on the vital connections between vision and learning.
The Fine Line Between Advocacy and Annoyance...
Examining the Neuroscience Evidence for Sensory-Driven Neuroplasticity: Implications for Sensory-Based Occupational Therapy for Children and Adolescents
10 Tips to Grow "In-Sync" Kids, by Carol Kranowitz
No More Meltdowns: Managing and Preventing Challenging Behaviors by Jed Baker, PhD
Video: The Vestibular System (by Brain Highways)
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Brain Highways: The Vestibular System
Introductory video on the effects of a poorly integrated vestibular system.
Five minute video on how the vestibular system affects your child's learning, focus, and behavior
Video: What is a 504 Plan?
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What Is a 504 Plan?
Laura Kaloi, Public Policy Director at the National Center for Learning Disabilities, explains what a 504 Plan is and how to become eligible for one. She also provides tips on how to develop your chil...
A Parent's Guide: The ADHD Babysitter's Guide - Hiring and Keeping Childcare You Can Trust by Ellen Kingsley A Publication of ADDitude: Living Well with Attention Deficit
A Parent's Guide to 21st Century Learning by Edutopia
The 7 Secrets to Sharing The Law of Attraction With Kids & Teens For Parents, Teachers and Influencers of Children and Teens, by Rhonda Ryder Founder, KidsAwakening
A Resource for Parents & Educators: Addressing Math Anxiety, by David Berg, E.T.
For Students with Math-Related Disabilities or Math Difficulties, the Successful Educational Intervention is the Same, by David Berg, E.T.
Developing Automaticity with Multiplication & Division Facts: The 9 Lines Fact Acquisition Strategy, by David Berg, E.T.
Fractions, Decimals & Advanced Place Value - The Three Essential Elements of Algebra Readiness, by David Berg, E.T.
Making Math Real: Overview on You Tube by David Berg, E.T.
Handwriting Without Tears: Letter Formation Charts.
Teach your child the proper order of strokes in forming letters!
Teaching Students to Ask Their Own Questions: One Small Change Can Yield Big Results. Harvard Graduate School of Education
"When students know how to ask their own questions, they take greater ownership of their
learning, deepen comprehension, and make new connections and discoveries on their own."
Recommended Books/DVD's:
Out of Sync Child by Carol Stock Kranowitz
Out of Sync Child Has Fun by Carol Stock Kranowitz
Smart Moves: Why Learning Isn't All in Your Head by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.
  Sensational Kids: Hope and Help For Children With Sensory
  Processing Disorders by Lucy Jane Miller, PhD
Making Math Real: An Introduction to the Overview
Wrights Law: Special Education Law, 2nd Edition
Wrights Law: From Emotions to Advocacy: The Special Education Survival Guide
Wrights Law: All About I.E.P.'s
Upside Down Brillance: The Visual-Spatial Learner
Sandi, in the news:
CHADD Presentation
Mountain Democrat:
ADHD meeting
By Bob Billingsley 
November 18, 2013 | Leave Comment

An ADHD meeting is scheduled for Nov. 19, from 7 to 9 p.m., at the El Dorado Hills Library, 7455 Silva Valley Parkway. Parents, teachers, and children are welcome. The guest speaker will be Sandi Kasting, Brainasium Founder/Special Needs Specialist. For more information, call Carolyn Brooks at 916-358-3505.
Parents' Resource Guide, Northern Gold Country: Behavior Issues Masking a Sensory Disorder or a Suffering Child?
Article in which Sandi was interviewed
Parents' Resource Guide, Northern Gold Country: 10 Homework Tips to Help Jump Start Your Child's Brain by Sandi Kasting, M.Ed
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Attention Control
Connecting with Sandi....Sandi answers the question, "Help me to understand why my son misses important information in the classroom."
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Writing Process.wmv
Connecting With Sandi....Writing Process: How can I engage a student with learning disabilities to respond to a given writing prompt?
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