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   About Kasting Connections
Kasting Connections was developed by Sandi Kasting, M.Ed as a response to schools and families wanting to learn more about the brain/body connection and how it affects learning and behavior on a daily basis. Sandi's multi-faceted career has created an unique set
of skills that she taps into to guide others in their quest for understanding and knowledge. 
Sandi is a credentialed teacher who earned her under-graduate degree from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois (B.S. in Educable Mentally Handicapped and Behavior Disorders) and her Master's Degree in Learning Disabilities and Behavior Disorders from the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  Sandi has been in the education field for over 30 years; her first 18 years were in the public school system as a teacher of the severely behaviorally disordered, learning disabled, and emotionally disturbed, while also serving as a mentor, trainer, and a coach.  During the last 17 years in Northern California, Sandi has served in the private sector as a clinic director, clinic owner (Brainasium in Granite Bay), teacher, presenter, and trainer. Currently, she is bringing her brain body activities back to the public school in the resource room, where she also serves as the Special Education Coordinator .
 Sandi's knowledge encompasses the following areas:
University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning:
              Strategic Tutoring
              Fundamental Sentence Writing
              Proficiency in the Sentence
Writing Strategy
              Word Identification Strategy
              Test Taking Strategy
              Framing Routine
         Content Enhancement Series
              Lesson Planning Routine
              Concept Mastery Routine
              Concept Anchoring Routine
              Concept Comparison Routine
              Survey Routine
              Unit Planning Routine
              Course Planning Routine 
Completed Making Math Real® Courses in the following areas:
          9 Lines Intensive
         The 4 Operations and the 400 Math  
         Time and Money
         Fractions, Decimals, and Advanced
               Place Value
Trained in Other Areas:
Neurobiological Foundations of Sensory
 Sensory Processing Disorders
 Brain Dominance Profiles
 Brain/Body Connections
 Individual Learning Styles
 Ocular Motor Functioning's Affect on
     Academic Performance (reading, math,
Lindamood Bell: Visualize/Verbalize,
                          Seeing Stars
Mental Health First Aid for Youths
"I think it's great how you put your all into your job, and it seems you would do anything to help us kids!"        
Allison, 17 year old
 "You have a wonderful gift - the ability to reach out to young people!"      
Shelley O., mother

Sandi welcomes the opportunity to work with you, your child, and/or your staff.
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Sample of blog topics:  Ear Infections' Impact on Reading
                             Visual Processing Effects on Reading
                             Warm up Activity for Writing
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