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Kasting Connections is focused on changing education through the training of teachers, parents, and students. 
Learn how to break through the symptoms of learning issues and get  down to the underlying causes that stand in the way of successful learning
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Brain Based Learning - Eric Jensen
Eric Jensen on importance of
Brain Based Learning
A major component of Kasting Connections' philosophy

"...she was so much help; it was unbelievable!"
Cindy, mother of 16 year old with A.D.D.
improve his/her progress!  Your child's processing speed will increase, working memory will expand, and attention will improve.
"I've learned more in one hour with Sandi than in all my years of being an instructional assistant!"
Linda, instructional assistant @ Middle School
Everyday school challenges like reading and math difficulties, discipline issues, and written expression concerns all have symptoms pointing to the underlying causes.  Let us decipher these clues to unravel the mysteries of your child's world. The real reasons a student is struggling in school may surprise you! 
We work with individuals and small groups!
Staff Training:
Whole Staff
Teaching Assistant Training
Department Training
Small Group
We work with individual students or families!
When working with individual students, our mobile services can meet you and your child at a local park and use the playground facilities.  The sessions are active, engaging, and FUNLearn and Play!
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For Schools and Organizations:
Kasting Connections delivers dynamic and interactive seminars in the following areas:
   Sensory Processing Disorders
   Brain Dominance Profiles:  How They
Impact a Child's Ability to Learn
   Top 5 Brain/Body Connections for the
   Right Brain Learners in the Classroom
   Prescriptive Teaching for All Types of
Processing Styles
   Activities to Keep Students Active During
STAR Testing
   A.D.D./A.D.H.D., the New Sensory
Processing Disorder?
   Gender Differences in the Classroom
   Setting Up Level Systems for classrooms
of behaviorally disordered
  Visual Processing's Impact on Reading
and Classroom Performance
  Instructional Assistant Training
  A.D.D./A.D.H.D. Learning Strategies
For Parents and Students:
Kasting Connections also consults on individual cases in the following areas:
    Individual Learning Styles
    I.E.P. Meeting Support
    Underlying Issues Causing Learning
and Behavior Difficulties
    Individual Processing Styles' Impact on
Learning and Behavior 
    Recommend Appropriate Interventions
    Evaluate and/or Recommend Academic
Curriculum or Behavior Plans
    Transition Students to New
     Review Educational Testing and Make
    Observe Struggling Students in School
and problem solve with school staff
     Unlock the Mystery: Develop Brain
Dominance Profile of Student
    Individual Academic Sessions 
   A.D.D./A.D.H.D. Coaching Sessions
Sandi has presented at the state and national level for the Council for Exceptional Children
stamp"Their presentation was thorough, well organized and very professional...Overall, it was one of the best sessions I attended!"
Phyllis B., Coordinator
Commenting on National Council for Exceptional Children Conference in Baltimore.
"I have come out...with a lot more heart than I have ever had.   I find myself putting a full effort into everything I do now, whether it is in the classroom, weight room, or on the court.  I guess that has rubbed off from you!... I would like to thank you for everything you have done for me!"    
Justin E., high school student
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Sample of blog topics:   Ear Infections' Impact on Reading
                            Visual Processing Effects on Reading
                            Warm up Activity for Writing
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